Date & Venue || Vegas Wedding Update

Monday, June 12, 2017

Las Vegas is well known for it's quickie weddings and you would think that this would mean stress free planning right? Not exactly! There is still lots of things that me and the hubby-to-be have had to take into consideration, choosing a suitable wedding chapel has been one of the things that has been most challenging. There are tons and tons of wedding chapels and other locations to get married at in Las Vegas and one thing we have found is that the prices can massively vary when it comes to the photos. Most packages include a certain amount of candid photos (ceremony only) without any sort of copyright release, we want to be able to print our own photos and buy extra if we wish. Some wedding chapels only offered copyright release if you paid an extra $500-1000 which was above the amount we wanted to spend on the overall wedding package.
Taking the small print into consideration we finally settled on Graceland Wedding Chapel which offered a really good rate on traditional weddings along with copyright release on the photos taken on the day, all photos are posted online so you can easily buy more if you wish which is perfect for what we wanted. I had a few questions before we committed which I sent over by email and got all the information I needed the next day. After filling in a reservation form and paying a $100 (£76.72 + bank charges) we have a confirmed date and time - eeek!

I have a growing list of things to do and see whilst on our trip mainly to keep my mind off the flight itself as I have major anxiety about flying and I think after 24 years it's time to just push myself that little bit and just do it, and to think by the time we land back i'll be a married woman!

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