How To | Butcher A Pig


(from a beginners point of view)

I stumbled upon a free ≈ 2ft. 9 in. long pig. Thanks to YouTube university, I became an amateur butcher in the matter of hours. Predictably, not everything unfolded as seamlessly as it did for the seasoned butchers on YouTube. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of meat I managed to salvage.

Here’s glimpse into the main steps.

Tools Used:


Step 1: Cut in Half

Step 2: Remove Head

Step 3: Remove Ham

Step 4: Remove Shoulder

≈ Cut between 4th & 5th rib

Step 5: Separate Loin from Belly

Step 6: Make Cuts

Here is a breakdown of the pork cuts made from the primal cuts:





Surprisingly enough, this journey ended with some neatly packaged cuts. The head remains a mystery and is stowed away in the freezer for another day's adventure. All the edible spare meat will be made into sausage –also another day’s adventure. The bones, extra fat, and skin are set aside for a possible feast for crabs in the upcoming spring or summer. Overall, the butcher experience was rewarding.

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