Prime Picks | Car Camping Finds on Amazon


1. Headlamp (2-Pack)

You cannot beat hands free lighting! This essential piece of gear will help you navigate through darkness while completing tasks such as setting up a tent or cooking a meal.

2. Car Tent

I use this tent with my truck and it is amazing! It allows for added room and privacy when accessing items in the truck bed/car trunk. Whether setting up a bed within the tent or utilizing it for storage while sleeping in the vehicle, it's incredibly versatile. You can create a comfortable space to sit, store camping items, or provide a spot for your furry friend.

3. Love Seat

This seat is dangerously comfortable - you wont want to leave it! It includes a chair cover that doubles as dog bed.

4. Water Container

6.6 gallons - Need I say more?! Its a game changer for staying hydrated. It is equip with a faucet design that allows for regulating water flow with an adjustable valve.

5. Camping Kettle

This collapsible kettle is a gem, especially for brewing morning coffee or tea. It's compact design makes it easy to store and the perfect fit for any camping adventure.

6. Camping Fan

You can secure this fan to the top of your tent using the hanging ring for a peaceful night's sleep, carry it around by hand, or set it down with the tripod. This fan's adaptability knows no bounds. It's not only confined to use for camping. It can sit on your work desk to rescue you from unexpected sweat sessions during difficult calls.

7. Poncho Blanket

Versatility meets fashion. When I'm adventuring alone, I use the poncho to keep me warm during those chilly evenings. But when there's company, I simply tuck the hood away into its pocket and turn it into a blanket for shared warmth!

8. Dog Lead

If you're car camping with a furry friend, this is an essential! Especially for campsites where pets need to be leashed. I love its length, allowing my dog to not feel restricted.  Even if you're not bringing along a pet, it's perfect for hanging between trees and adding some ambiance with lights.

9. String Lights

Ambiance is key! Car camping becomes an entirely elevated experience with the right ambiance, and lighting plays a huge role. These lights have a USB connection and can easily be plugged into a battery pack.

10. Coleman Stove

We all need to eat and a stove simplifies the cooking process! Despite my love for cooking over an open fire, a stove offers unbeatable speed and cleanliness. Plus, its compact design makes it incredibly portable and a hassle free addition to your camping gear.

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